It has never been so easy to hit your target with 100 % accuracy

The revolution on the weapon market!!

It shows a complete new philosophy!! You find nothing to compare!!!

Different optics on one or more of your hunting guns, various to change absolutely precise, flexible and shockproof!

You won´t have any bad feeling during using it!!

for example: You’re going to buy  a new gun, delivered with Dentler BASIS VARIO! You could use all your perfect working optics you already use in system Dentler BASIS!
Take your Gun, put on the optic, adjust "the weapon" through the Dentler BASIS VARIO. That´s it!  After that, you can use all your optics out of your system Dentler BASIS VARIO!

"You always adjust "the weapon" to the system, the optic adjustment, once adjusted to the system, never changes!"

extra price: none

your benefit: You save often more than 50% of the price of a complete weapon in compare without system Dentler BASIS VARIO! You don´t have to buy an expensive rifle scope twice!!

the conclusion: All optics, mounted on your weapons, once adjusted, are changeable during your system Dentler BASIS VARIO to use in any constellation.

in practice: You use two, three or more guns with the system Dentler BASIS VARIO, also a good rifle scope, a good sight, maybe something special, mounted on system Dentler BASIS VARIO.
Just take your gun, put on one of your optics and go out for hunting! That´s it! Perfect and easy! The total flexibility for an unbeatable price!
No other mounting system gives even a part of the effectivity in use like Dentler BASIS VARIO!! Each of your guns is compatible to each of your optics in system Dentler BASIS VARIO!
After you have tried this, you never ever use anything else!!!

It works perfect, it´s very easy to handle and saves you money! Go for maximum precision "Made in Germany"

- Dentler BASIS VARIO, innovative solutions, today, for the future! -